What we’re talking about this week…

19 Nov What we’re talking about this week…

Come the end of a shift on a Saturday night you’ll usually find the Bread & Bones crew huddled around a few Asahis getting Brayan to teach us swear words in Creole or listening to Chris talk about the complexities of the power struggle between the Dark Side and the Jedi. When we’ve tried to veer away from Star Wars talk over the last few weeks, this is what has got us talking.

Love + Radio

Love + Radio is a podcast presented by Nick van der Kolk and is currently 4 seasons deep into documentaries broadcasting the obscure, the wonderful and those on the cusp of society. If that podcast subscriptions lists of yours needs a bit of a refreshing give Love + Radio a try – but not just one episode, because they’re a mixed ol bag. Each episode varies from subject to subject, from the norm to the odd, from joyful to sad. You mightn’t like all of them but you should like most…and you won’t be able to deny that they’re produced bloody well. Get onto iTunes and give em a go.


Some favourites that are doing it for us are: The Living Room – a heartbreaking story about a real life guardian angel. Paremoremo – the story of Paul Woods and his violent life in prison in New Zealand. Greetings from Coney Island – love letters sent from the past. Give it a listen and add something different to that podcast list.

Stephen – Hello

We know next to nothing about Stephen, except that he’s an incredible musician and could probably do with a better stage name. Adele’s Hello has been played to death recently but this cover from Stephen breathes a new breath of life into it with it’s Californian twang. Kudos for the Rolling In The Deep references too! If you like the sound of this also check out his tune Remembering Myself.

Holly Shortall

Now, anyone who comes into Bread & Bones will quickly discover that I know nothing about fashion – I’ve been going with the same t-shirt and jeans combo since I was say, maybe 15. One day it’ll become fashionable again. With that in mind, I’m not sure how I came across Holly Shortall, fashion illustrator’s website but wow, we love it. On Holly’s site you’ll find drawings of the likes of the Olsen twins, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Kate Moss – in a nut shell, a list of my old flings – and they’re spot on. Don’t just ask us though…the likes of Cosmopolitan, The Irish Independent and MTV have been singing her praises too. The Bread & Bones crew are already puzzled about some of the art coming through our doors every week, but I reckon when I unveil a sketch of Lupita Nyong’o in a Christian Dior dress a whole host of other questions will be asked about me. Screw it, check out these pics, they’re whopper.


Grillo’s Pickles

We’re all about the pickling…we spend a shed load of time in the kitchen pickling that cabbage for our kimchi and next year we’re got some pickling workshops lined up, where we’re going to pickle all sorts of stuff with you guys…similar to what Grillo’s Pickles are doing right now. Grillos pickle every dam thing and if you’re heading Stateside make sure to grab some of their grub and get behind a company who are passionate about what they do. Here’s a little intro about them on Skillshare….

Happy Picklin’,