Guest Playlist – Timi

13 Mar Guest Playlist – Timi

There’s a few pals of ours that you’ll always catch us going on about here in Bread & Bones Will St. Leger, Sketchy Inc, Jess Tobin and this fella – Timi. Recently enough Jack and Timi started recording a series of podcasts in here called Bare Bones with folk like James Earley, Sarah Griffin and Solus. Most people know the ol trouble maker in some way shape or form but here’s a little bit more about the man supplying the beats in Bread & Bones over the next couple of weeks…

What you all about?

I am Timi… I love Dublin, I love art and I love music. I run local community Picture This as well as a bit of a fun website, as well as being up to tonnes of no good around Dublin recently! Most fun has been a podcast with Jack over at Bread & Bones where we get down to the ‘Bare Bones‘ of the people who create and make things hap.pen here in Ireland.

You’re a bit of an expert about Dublin, what’s your favourite thing about the city at the mo?

Coming into summer, there will be a tonne more street art going up around the city!

Superpower: Incredible powers of persuasion.

Kryptonite: Porridge

Recommend us something amigo…

I recommend Rick & Morty (an animated to series) for anyone who wants a real bellyache of a laugh while having their brain cells tingled… WUBALUBADUBDUB!



Oraclies – Boots

I Run Roulette – Boots

Barcelona – Henry Green

Utopia – FTSE

St. Tropez – FTSE

Kode – FTSE

You’re A Man Now Boy – Raleigh Ritchie

You Took Your Time- Mount Kimble

Tonight – Black Atlass

Black Atlass

Black Atlass

Y (Money) – Mura Masa

Love + Loss – Garden City Movement

Paris – Black Atlass

Stronger Than Ever (The Internet Remix) – The Internet

Never Say Die – Raleigh Ritchie

Kiss The Sky – Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra

The Chase – Sohn

Gone Are The Days (Sohn Remix) – Honne

Talk About It – Erik Hassle

Innocence Lost – Erik Hassle

I Tried – Folded Like Fabric

You Said – Folded Like Fabric

Polythene Love – Fyfe

7 Years – Lukas Graham

Erik Hassle

Erik Hassle