Cracked comes to Bread & Bones

13 Jan Cracked comes to Bread & Bones

The new year is bringing in a whole load of fresh changes to Bread & Bones, whether they be supper clubs, entertainment, menu changes or some of the 101 other ideas that we have going through our mind at the mo. However, the thing that we’ve been most excited about for a few weeks now is the arrival of Cracked breakfasts at Bread & Bones, which all kicks off tomorrow (Thursday 14th) from 8am – midday. All the crew have their knives and forks ready and will be propping up the counter tomorrow, but if you can’t get down then you can drop in any other Thursday – Sunday for the best dang omelettes and frittatas you’ll find in Dublin. We sat down with Emily Bradshaw, the brains behind it all, and had a chat about what we can eggspect (sorry).

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So, Bread & Bones isn’t the first stop on the Cracked journey, how did it all come about?

When I had nothing for dinner I’d always make omelettes with whatever was left in the fridge. l was standing in my kitchen one day thinking how handy they were and how health crazy people are nowadays and said, ‘someone should open an omelette bar’. People always say ‘it went from there’ but I wasn’t really considering myself to be the one to open it at that stage as I was happy in my job. When I was made redundant from Paddy Power it really made me think. I looked into the idea properly and decided to go for it, it was a good business idea and would be great starting up again. When life gives you lemons…

Are omelette bars a common thing? Did anywhere in  particular inspire you?

Yes! When I did the research I found a few egg based places around the world which really backed up the concept and encouraged me. Eggslut in LA, Yolk in London and Eggspectation in Dubai. The first two started as market stalls and are now restaurants which is brilliant.

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Can we expect something similar to theirs on your menu? How have you put your own spin on your dishes?

I’m concentrating on gourmet omelettes and frittatas as I think doing one or two things really well is the way to go and I felt omelettes and frittatas could be done better. They are on the healthy side of egg dishes which is important, as is being able to offer gluten free and paleo options. The gourmet ingredients are a huge part of it too, I wanted to do something different to the standard omelettes you see out there, they are so much more than that! I try out different combos all the time and if they’re not up to the standard of the ones on the menu, they don’t get in. It’s easy to think something tastes good until you taste something better.

You mentioned some of the restaurants that inspired you started as market stalls, a bit like yourself…

I spent about four months cooking and setting up, then I started in the Dun Laoghaire Christmas market for a few months to test the product. Apart from Clodagh, Desmond and the others interfering in the weather, I was thrilled with the reaction. I don’t think people expect omelettes to be truly tasty and when they are, they’re really pleasantly surprised. I learnt a lot from people too, every person you meet gives you valuable feedback if you ask for it.

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What can we expect from Cracked in Bread and Bones?

The same relaxed vibe created by Bread & Bones will be served at Cracked with the option of eating in or take away. Cracked will be dishing up the tried and tested freshly made gourmet omelettes on the menu and cooking up some specials. We’ll also have the frittatas which are made that morning and ready to take away for lunch, just reheat! All our dishes are served with Cracked homemade chilli jam which is seriously competing with the omelettes as a product! We’re testing similar egg based products too so keep an eye out for tasters!

To find out more about Emily’s cracking (sorry again) little journey check out her blog here or have a gander at the videos below, which visit the chicken farm where the eggs come from and also feature an omelette challenge between the Kearney brothers.