Bare Bones – Episode 9 with Aidan Kelly

05 Oct Bare Bones – Episode 9 with Aidan Kelly

Our latest podcast in the Bare Bones series features DJ and photographer Aidan Kelly and was recorded in the JJ Kavanagh tent at The Laya City Spectacular during the summer. At the time of recording Jack was neck deep in serving up kimchi fries at the Bread & Bones stall next door so Timi took this one on his own. In this one to one interview Timi talks to one of the biggest influences in his life and delves deeper into the work that Aidan does, where he came from and how his creativity came to the fore in his life.

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Take a quick walk through our city centre and you’ll find a street or view that Aidan has brought to life with his photography and will have passed numerous bars and clubs that he has set the standard for DJing in. Aidan isn’t just one of the men culturally shaping the city but through the stories he tells over the next 40 minutes you’ll find he’s a man whose just as much been shaped by the city and its people itself. Whether you’re chopping the onions after a long days work, hanging up the washing or sitting back with a bourbon and coke, click play, and listen hard to one of Dublin’s most interesting and insightful voices.