Bare Bones – Episode 8 with Will St Leger

19 Sep Bare Bones – Episode 8 with Will St Leger

Before we even opened our doors we were teaming up with Will St Leger and chasing him down to decorate our little home with some of his art…like the centre piece of the restaurant Tiger Eyes (below). It was only a matter of time before we nailed dragged him in for an interview to talk to us about his art, music, activism and all his recent projects like The Walls of Equality and the unexploded missile that raised awareness for Syria for GOAL. In this episode of Bare Bones, recorded in the JJ Kavanagh tent at the Laya City Spectacular, Timi and Jack try to not just talk about street art alone for 45 minutes, but delve into what inspires Will’s projects, what drives him on what he see’s coming further down the line.


As always this episode is up on iTunes so make sure to subscribe and then kick back and listen to our chat with one of Bread & Bones aul mates, and one of Dublin’s most intriguing creative talents.