Bare Bones – Episode 6 with Jess Tobin

09 Jun Bare Bones – Episode 6 with Jess Tobin

You might remember an interview that we posted nearly a year ago with Jess Tobin on our blog here. Well, since then it’s safe to say Jess’ status in the Dublin street art scene has grown and grown with murals of hers popping up not just all over the city, but all over the country. In this episode of Bare Bones we chat to Jess about what inspires her, that signature illustrative style, David Bowie and find out more about an artist who does it all for the love of art – “I draw what I want to draw”.


In another news, Timi and his partner-in-crime, Karli, have just welcomed a little boy into the world. All of us in Bread & Bones are delighted for them and are absolutely dying to meet the little hero and turn him into a bao-jedi.

Anyways, kick back and have a listen to a new dad, myself and one of Ireland’s most humble and exciting artists have a chat over a few banh mi. Ladies and Gentlemen… Jess Tobin.