Bare Bones – Episode 2 with Sarah Griffin

21 Mar Bare Bones – Episode 2 with Sarah Griffin

Episode number 2 of Bare Bones brings us on to the world of writing and the wonderful Sarah Griffin. Last month Sarah interviewed Jack & Duncan for a piece in The Dublin Inquirer, which turned us to her work, ridiculously entertaining Twitter profile and finally her book Not Lost, which is a must read – especially if you’ve had to leave the country over the last few years… and let’s be honest, who hasn’t!

In this interview Timi and Jack talk to Sarah about everything from N64s to eloping and from feminism in Ireland to being cat called and being a “Ride from Malahide”. This is definitely a podcast to listen to for any aspiring writers out there, or established ones, as Sarah takes us through the writing process, finding inspiration and getting it all down on paper and onto the bookshelves.

We absolutely loved recording this interview with Griffski and you’ll definitely find it worth the listen. Now, go and click that play button!