A whole lotta Voodoo

17 Feb A whole lotta Voodoo

Since the middle of January we’ve closed our doors on a Monday night and Cracked has taken over on Tuesdays. This has given us a bit of time to do some cool stuff like redesigning our menu and for the crew in the kitchen to come up with some great new dishes. It’s also given us folk on the front of house a chance to drum up some ideas and in the last couple of weeks we’ve recorded our first podcast with Timi, come up with a couple of lunch deals and started laying the plans for a few events and nights. Food is always the priority here but we’ve always wanted to offer more than just being a come-in-sit-down restaurant. Which is why we like these guys…

Voodoo Doughnut


Now, it’s unlikely that we’re going to visit Portland in Oregon anytime soon because there ain’t exactly 101 visits to drop by – but there is 1 that’s strong enough to at least entice us over. Set up by the duo of Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson and Tres Shannon, Voodoo Doughnut is a 24-hour doughnut store that people literally queue miles for. Bacon and maple syrup, Grape Ape, Fruit Loop coated and an alternatively shaped fella called “Cock & Balls”, this place is all about doing things differently…and doing them well. Hell, you can even get married here, they have their own record label, their own ale – Rogue Ales, support local artists and are the record holders for making the world’s biggest donut. Watch this video to see how these two guys are setting trends across the doughnut world, whilst maintaining a certain level of madness! Prepare to drool.


During our down time we found this little game… along with a whole load of other gems on foon.co.uk. We won’t waste your time with any more talk because you’ll end up wasting at least half of your lunch hour playing them. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.43.11

Christiane F. – We Children from Bahnhof Zoo

Based on a true story, this film follows a young girl in Berlin as she discovers the Berlin club scene, love and finally, heroin. Think Trainspotting without the comedy elements (never a strong point when it comes to German films) and with younger addicts. It’s not an easy watch, especially in one harrowing scene when two of the kids are trying to go cold turkey, but it’s a great watch nonetheless. Authentic and shocking, Christiane F is a film that drags you by the horns into a foreign world. And best of all… it’s on YouTube (although the subtitles are a bit dodgy).


Gabz is Grzegorz Domaradzki, an incredibly talented graphic designer who seems to have a bit of a nack for redesigning movie posters. He recently had some of his work up for sale on The Bottleneck Gallery but otherwise we’ve found it hard enough to buy his schtuff. When we do find a way, expect to find movie posters all over Bread & Bones.

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